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About Us

At Ozeurorotts we truly believe in the German philosophy of the complete Rottweiler. A complete Rottweiler is a dog that excels both in the show ring and has the physical and mental ability to work in fields of protection such as security and police work. A complete Rottweiler has excellent character, a stable dog that is safe and sociable around people. A complete Rottweiler is a natural guardian that is loyal and devoted to its owner and family.

We have owned Rottweilers since 1988 and our passion and understanding of the breed stretches back many years through the reading of books and research on the Internet in regards to great specimens of the breed in the past to present . We have been very fortunate thanks to my dear friend Laszlo Baranyi in Germany from the Muhlbachstrasse kennel to acquire our foundation bitch Neele von der Muhlbachstrasse from the world famous German kennel. Neele is a daughter of the great Duke von der Scherau, she has excellent character and temperament and has excelled in the show ring. Neele possesses natural guarding instincts and is a very correct example of what a Rottweiler should be, a dog that is friendly and sociable yet also physically and mentally capable as a guardian.

Character traits  important to us at Ozeurorotts are temperament and character as well as brains and beauty. At Ozeurorotts we always endeavour to consistently produce top quality Rottweilers that new owners will be proud to own. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity, the aim of our breeding program is to consistently produce excellence to produce a puppy that is a great example of the breed through excellent German genetics, the complete Rottweiler.